Il Matrimonio (the Marriage)

Documentary, 57 min. (CH)

A wedding is approaching, Mario and Angela’s one. He is 84 years old, she is 88. After fifty years of a life together, they will finally take the plunge.

To their marriage are invited the pianist Lina 100 years old, which will lead the party and Henriette 76, her servant for over fifty years. This is a story about life, love, death.

Il Matrimonio (le Mariage)

Documentaire, 57 min. (CH)

Un mariage approche, celui de Mario et Angela, lui 84 ans et elle 88. Après cinquante ans de vie commune, ils vont enfin franchir le pas.

A leur mariage sont conviées la pianiste Lina 100 ans, qui animera la fête et Henriette 76, sa servante depuis plus de cinquante ans.

Un récit sur la vie, l’amour, la mort.


Duration (min.): 57

Shooting format: HD

Shooting location: Switzerland

Shooting language(s) : Italian, french

End of production: August 2014


Original Title        Il Matrimonio

French Title         Le mariage 

English Title        The wedding


Klaudia Reynicke

Produced by

RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera




Luca Jaeggli

Producer Assistant

Luisella Formenti


Michael Bonito


Enos Barloggio, Emanuele Riezzo, Daniele Penzavalli


Emanuela Andreoli


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